March 1, 2021

Star tips: the good eating habits of people

If you want to follow the diet of a particular star, trust the top Elle Mac Pherson. Its diet is based on fish, vegetables, fruits, dried fruits and some starchy foods. Far from calculating all the calories she ingests each day, the model is pleased by adopting a varied and balanced diet. Be careful, however, not to ban animal proteins such as red meat or eggs that provide vitamins and iron.
Some stars remove sugar from all their diet as Jennifer Lopez or only eat in small quantities like Demi Moore. Beware of deficiencies and hypoglycemia. A woman needs 1800 calories a day, not less. We keep the idea of ​​reducing the amount of sugar we put in his coffee but we take care to feed enough.
Halle Berry follows a diet based on low glycemic index foods. No more bread, cakes and sweets. She favors green vegetables, cereals, fruits, fish, white meats. If this diet seems tempting, pay attention however to the cooking mode. The potato has a high GI when it is cooked in the pan and low when cooked in water.
For Madonnait's whole grains, vegetables, fish and seaweed. But light feeding does not mean eliminating carbohydrates and fats. The brain and the muscles need it to function. Like the singer, we calm down on pastries but still enjoy slices of bread with jam for breakfast.

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