May 13, 2021

Stars: get a tan like your favorite people

Clear red like Lindsay Lohan

Your milky skin contrasts with your flaming red or blonde hair. You even have some freckles that give you a charm "too cute!" No doubt, you are well in Phototype 1 and the sun is not your best ally. You know your skin is ultra sensitive, it blushes at the slightest ray and even under the umbrella! Without hesitation, then bet on a maximum protection of 50 SPF which will protect you from the misdeeds of the rays. And yes, do not worry, you'll tan anyway ...

The solar product: High Protection Mineral Milk 50SPF, Avène, 17,35?

Care : Soothing Moisturizing Milk, Amber Solaire Garnier, 6.30?

Clear golden like Heidi Klum

It's the Californian tan: skin and light hair, and in a few days of exposure you will have a good time! A bright even orange complexion that gives the impression of a dozen sessions of UV. Everyone tears out this complexion, close to the phototype 3. But this complexion "happy face" is still very fragile, it is better to bet on a cream with high protection, 30 SPF. At the end of your stay, you can even cheat using a cream enriched with carotene. Hollywood effect guaranteed!

The product : Body Cream 30 SPF, Clinic, 25?

Care : After-sun face and body extension cream, Bergasol, 13,90?

Mate as Eva Longoria

The dark skins taunt their bronzed tan all year. Latinos and those of the Mediterranean basin are the lucky ones, of those whose skin turns brown after only ten minutes of exposure. She knows very little about the pain of sunburn, which does not protect her from other discomforts of the type: dry skin, peeling skin ... Therefore, a very special importance must be brought to hydration during and after exposure.

The product: Solar cream Pro sun 20 FPS, Melvita, 14.80?

Care : Body and hair summer oil Buriti Do Brasil, L'Occitane, 16?

Métis like Beyoncé

If like the diva, your caramel-colored skin shines in all seasons, then you are safe from unpleasant surprises under the sun. A priori ... Because there is the lure. A skin, even dark, feels the misdeeds and solar capital begins just as quickly ... irreversibly! Thus, vigilance remains necessary to prevent skin aging. Put some Solar cream with a minimum index of 10 in all circumstances (walks, beach ...).

The product : Sun milk body and body SPF 15, Mary Cohr, 35?

Care : Jelly sublimating Monoi, Corine de Farme, 6.90?

Dark as Michelle Obama

Coffee color, I love your color ... yes your skin does not spoil your life even when the thermometer goes up to 35 degrees. But you must have noticed: you have easily crocodile skin "that dries much faster than others, is not it? Especially since your skin remains one of the most fragile, so that requires permanent pampering Ok for a lower solar index, but no oil and even less fat Beware of prolonged exposures that can trigger an acne tendency, which dark skin is prone to.

The product : Hawaiian Tropic, Low Protection 8, 8,90?

Care : Glittery Precious Oil Diam Bronz, Mary Cohr, 27?

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