February 28, 2021

Stay tanned all year, it is possible?

We spent hours and hours tweaking our Sun tanning until you get that pretty caramel hue idyllic. So do not lose the benefits right away and keep the effect as long as possible. It is still necessary that the Sun tanning stays uniform and bright. For this, a certain discipline is necessary.
After the exposure, wash with a mild cleanser that will gently remove traces of chlorine, salt and residues of sunscreens that clog the skin. Then it is rehydrated with after-sun care specifically designed to soothe and nourish scalded skin. Intensive exposure to UV causes an accumulation under the skin of oxidized proteins that induce cellular dysfunction and activate aging. Bad cells that the proteasome will clean, provided that the action of this asset is revived by the action of care. The latter will stimulate the cellular recovery process during sleep, thwart the harmful actions of free radicals and finally, strengthen the protective barrier of the skin.
If the skin has really suffered, you can put a moisturizing mask or a cream applied in a thick layer on the skin. face until completely absorbed. No problem to repeat the operation each evening. The skin, as an intelligent organ, only takes care of what it needs. In other words, when it is regenerated, it will stop itself from drawing in the care but will not be overdose.
After the holidays, and always in the idea of ​​maintaining a uniform tan, you must eradicate and nourish the epidermis regularly. Once or twice a week, one swaps his washing care against a gummy scrub, which will eliminate on the surface all the small dead skins which create irregularities on the skin and tend to tarnish it. Preferably, a foaming texture is chosen which will be less aggressive and more pleasant to the application. Under the action of the active massage of the skin, the blood circulation will be reactivated and with it the natural cellular renewal boosted. The skin will also be more receptive to the action of the care applied later. New skin sensation guaranteed!
Even if it may seem to be restrictive, we are forced to daily hydration of face and body. The skin will be immediately plumped and will also appear brighter. Except if we keep the stigmata of the sun on the skin, we can transform the moment into a real moment of pleasure by choosing pleasant textures (balm, oils), pleasant scents and why not embellished with nacres or glitter that go bring light to the skin.
When the skin begins to lose its luster, it can be given a little color by using self-tanning active ingredients. The effect lasts several days and prolongs the pleasure even a little. Finally, in addition to local care, you can continue to stimulate melanin skin by taking dietary supplements. They will improve the radiance of the complexion.