December 1, 2021

Stop smoking, put the odds on your side!

When people are chemically dependent on nicotine, they must take a nicotine substitute in the form of patch, patch or chewing gum.
These substitutes will help them not to feel the troubles caused by lack.
A good dosage is essential to succeed. We note that if smokers fail with this type of treatment, it is because they were generally poorly advised. For fear of taking too much, they are under dosed and so it does not work.
Note that there is no risk to smoke during the use of substitutives. Moreover, these are allowed in pregnant women.
The average duration of a treatment is two or three months, but can be prolonged without risk, if the weaning is more difficult. These substitutes are freely available in pharmacy and it is not mandatory to make you follow medically. But that can help you.

Reduce gradually its consumption
If you do not take nicotine substitutes, this is certainly not the best way to get there. Of course, you light less cigarettes, but as you pull more on them, at the end of a day you will have swallowed the same amount of toxic products. By alternating substitutes and cigarettes, that's possible.

If you choose this solution, you will need to consult because the drugs are prescribed only on prescription. After the Zyban, the Champix is ​​even more efficient. Except in case of pregnancy, it has no contraindications. Note that it can sometimes give small nausea in the morning if you are fasting.

The importance of being followed
If an individual has already made several unsuccessful attempts, if he has a tendency to depress, to weight gain, it is certainly better to get help. Therapeutic and especially psychological management increases the chances of success. Regular appointments, plus keys given by the doctor to learn how to modify his smoking behavior or to make up for the lack, will obviously favor the weaning of the ex-smoker.

Willingness or motivation?
The word "will" is not the most appropriate, it is better to use the word "motivation". The fact of speaking of will too often induces a depreciation of the person when he fails in his weaning. However, the priority is to give him confidence so that it concretizes this one.
Many smokers arrive when they realize that the inconvenience of smoking takes precedence over the benefits. Thanks to the recent decree voted on the prohibition of smoke in public places, which comes into effect on February 1, there is a real boost in motivation in tobacco services to start smoking cessation. The majority of smokers take it well, as a stimulant.

Weight gain
When stopping tobacco, weight gain should not become inevitable. With good advice, it is quite possible not to take any. But it is true, that without help the taking of kilos remains more frequent. Hence the importance of seriously addressing the diet of a person who wants to stop smoke. Review some mistakes and manage the craving for sweetness that can occur, for example by simply eating a fruit, such as a clementine, rather than a chocolate bar.
Avoid sodas and prefer water and especially move. And even if you do not like sports, a brisk walk of 30 minutes a day is already very good.

Dr. Véronique Peim is the author of:
" To stop smoke without fear of growing "to Michel Laffont editions.An updated version is to be published next March" Stop smoke : the keys to success ".

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