December 1, 2021

Stop yoyo: good eating habits

This first meal should consist of a hot or cold drink to rehydrate the body, a cereal product to give energy (country bread or cereals more satiating), a little butter, a dairy product and a fruit. This ideal breakfast makes it possible to avoid the 11 o'clock hollow which leads straight to the first chocolate bar or pastry coming. Also, try to hold on to it and eat everything, even if it's in several stages.

At lunch
Whatever your lifestyle, you should always think of structuring your meals in the following way: an appetizer, a dish and a dessert in which are found proteins (meat, fish, egg), a little starch (bread , pasta, rice, pulses), vegetables (crudités as input + vegetables cooked as a side dish), a dairy product and a fruit. And above all, do not zap starchy foods on the pretext that they make you fat. This is a misconception. If you skip it, you will inevitably experience a munching around 16 or 17 hours that will cause you to swallow anything.

At dinner
In the evening, you need to restore the balance of the day, if necessary. So, if you have not eaten vegetables for lunch, prepare for dinner. Besides, make a habit of eating soup at the entrance. It brings volume in the stomach and stalls well. Ditto for raw vegetables that, in addition, require chewing causing a decrease in the feeling of hunger. Also, these two starters will allow you to eat less during the rest of the meal. Also, be aware that you did not have to eat meat again in the evening. But if you do, take a small amount: a slice of ham, an egg or a small slice of cold roast. Then, give yourself a small piece of bread and finish with a yoghurt and a fruit.