June 2, 2020

Stop yoyo: how to manage excesses?

Restaurant invitations, family meals, girlfriends snacks ... your life is full of gourmet moments that both delight and frighten you. But how do they make all these slim women who seem to eat what they want without ever worrying about the scales? Véronique Liégeois explains that precisely, these people without weight problems, know how to self-regulate. And that's what you have to do too!

So, if you go on a gourmet weekend without, of course, take with you your kitchen scale or your calorie tables, do not worry: once back, compensate. For this, prepare at the beginning of the week light menus composed of vegetables, lean proteins, small parts of starchy foods and fruits. At this rate for 3 days, you will eliminate your excesses and restore your weight.

Do not play roller coaster
Now that you know the trick of "self-regulation", do not overdo it. Indeed, we should not fall into extreme gorging on weekends and then starve. Your body would not appreciate at all. And to show you his dissatisfaction, he would hesitate to store everything. And here is the yoyo that starts again. Also, you will understand, the thinness lies in measurement and balance.

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