November 30, 2021

Stress and pounds: we relax!

On vacation, the body is often refined by surplus activities but also by relaxation. Indeed, stress, real engine when it is punctual, is harmful when it is installed.

Stress makes you hungry: Tired, preoccupied, we tend to seek comfort in food ... without finding what we are looking for. We swallow but the feeling of satiety does not always happen. Stress causes hormonal deregulation: the body wants to tap into the reserves to face the anxieties ... to better fill up again in anticipation of a new peak ...

Stress creates fat stocks:

This is the consequence of the disturbance mentioned earlier. The body claims food, not for immediate effort but in anticipation of a future aggression. In short, he plays the hamsters. Moreover, stress changes the metabolism of fats and makes them circulate more in the blood so store.

Stress makes you tummy:

It's not just the lack of abdominals, menopause or beer that can give you a bottle. Stress is also the enemy of the flat stomach, targeting the abdomen as shown by a Yale University study comparing women with more or less pressure.

The lack of sleep salivates:
By studying the MRI of men and women sleeping sometimes 4 hours sometimes 9 hours, American researchers have been able to highlight a link between sleep and cravings. Lack of rest causes greater neuronal activity in the face of food stimuli.


How to fight:

Sleep, take your time, limit the "consumption-stress". This means avoiding stimulants by limiting themselves to 2 to 3 coffees a day, 1 glass of wine a day for women, 2 for men (which can be counted in numbers per week, respectively 7 and 14). Prefer meal times of 20 to 30 minutes rather than express nibbling. In 10 minutes, the brain did not take into account that you were feeding and still claims his due!

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