May 28, 2024

Styling her long hair: timeless ponytail

- The ponytail with hull:
It can be worn at work but also in the evening as it is chic! It is worn high and with the top very bulky and creped to form a shell. For associated chic and casual style, gently wave the tail so that the set looks looser.

- The low ponytail:
Classic and simple, many are the stars to have adopted on the red carpet! It can be modified according to his desire: on the side, with a flower or tongs, with some wicks that escape ... Place to the imagination!

- The high-powered ponytail:
Associate a wise and crazy side, it is possible! Make a ponytail mid-height tight and well plated. Ruffle the lengths by creping them, fix with hairspray and then rewind them roughly. Add a small accessory on the side to accentuate its originality.

PERFECT Holiday Style| From Short 4b 4c natural hair to long sleek ponytail| My ENGAGEMENT HAIRSTYLE (May 2024)