May 28, 2024

Successful job interview

The preparation
Know the business is essential, and the person who will do the interview will know very quickly whether you have prepared it or not. It is difficult to understand exactly how the vacant position works, but you can at least know what the new strategies of the group or its main competitors are.

Keep in mind why your experience or career makes this job right for you.

Also prepare a summary of your professional curriculum, so you can talk about it in a concise and organized way.

Traps to avoid during the interview
According to Garlone Courrier, "lack of respect is unacceptable, sometimes the candidates do not disrespect the recruiter directly, but the people around him, who seem" less important. "Now, a company is a team, leaders and subordinates must be treated the same way!"

Do not answer with a simple "yes" or "no" to your interlocutor. Indeed, it gives the impression that his questions are uninteresting and do not deserve to be developed.

Be careful not to invade the space of your recruiter
Avoid putting on your arms, letting yourself down ... if you can not control non-verbal communication, you must be careful not to be too intrusive.

Watch your presentation
This seems obvious to many, but we are not going to spend an interview in a dress too casual, even if the company seems young and dynamic.

Watch out for your faults!
To the fateful question: "What is your biggest fault? "avoid answering" angry "," susceptible "," violent "or" lazy "A default always gets better if you introduce it by:" My friends sometimes tell me that ... ", so as to show that you know your little fault and that you intend to improve it!

Attitudes to adopt
A frank look
It is important to always look in the face of your interlocutor and never run away from them. The latter will feel more confident with you.

Be yourself !
Between two similar experiences, the choice of the recruiter will lean towards the candidate who appeared to him most natural. Human suitability is as important as professional fit.

If you have a good sense of humor, do not hesitate to show it (without overdoing it). Because you have to show yourself in its true light. The interview can then become a real exchange, a pleasant conversation, and leave a better memory to your interlocutor.

After the interview
You can send a thank-you email the next day reiterating your motivation, and if you have no news, call back 15 days later to find out where the recruitment process is.

But be careful not to harass the other person's message, being motivated is a good thing, but at a reasonable dose!

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