June 23, 2024

Summer fashion 2012: how to wear turquoise blue?

Essential in your dressing of the summer, the turquoise is a very showy color, so it must be handled with care. Preferably wear turquoise blue monochrome to accentuate its effect on the eye, without doing too much on the rest of the outfit in this case. In any case, it is better not to mix turquoise blue with another bright color.


Turquoise blue is associated with white: the turquoise blue shorts suit with a white blouse is certainly one of the most elegant looks of the summer. This rather fun color becomes very chic as soon as it is associated with a virgin white. We play it soft on the accessories in this case and we avoid the big golden jewels which risk to break the refined aspect of the whole.


We love the turquoise blue on our accessories: handbag, maxi pocket, bib, big ring, watch ... The turquoise blue is the color that will add value to your accessories. Just dress with a rather casual look, sober and neutral colors will be the basis of your outfit and turquoise accessories will come to energize the whole.


We dare the total turquoise look: a dress long blue turquoise associated with a pocket of the same color will do their little effect at your next party. In this case, we can afford to give a brilliant touch to the set with large golden accessories, a wrist cuff or a long necklace around the coup, will boost your monochrome look.


In any case do not hesitate to crack on all the turquoise pieces that you will find during your shopping, sweater, jacket, dress, bag ... they will make you a true fashionista this summer!

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