September 19, 2020

Summer love: How to avoid balls on the beach?

Ah summer, the beach, the sun, the fine sand, the kids-in-law and ... the balls. And yes, we must not forget them. Certainly, they are not mean, and somewhere you find it flattering that they come to accost you. But hey, when we go to the beach it's to relax, to rest, and not necessarily to spend a rather embarrassing time trying to dodge a stranger who is trying to find out who your sweetheart was when you were in grade two. Or who insists on putting on sunscreen. However, it is always possible to avoid such situations.

We show up with our guy

It will be understood, this solution is reserved for non-singles. It must be said that it presents advantages more than practical. You may be sublime and show a body of dreams to turn all the guys around, the likelihood of you being approached by a guy while your man is lying next to you remains weak ... or zero .

Do the one who does not hear ...

... By putting on his headphones and his music thoroughly! While you seem focused on your book / magazine / phone, the music cuts you off from the world and by extension it prevents you from hearing the "Hey, miss, you came alone? It's a shame ... "Well, in short, you see. It is not necessarily very nice, but in this kind of situation, it may happen that we do not necessarily know how to send someone to graze with a nice smile, so if not, do the one who does not hear can walk.

To sleep...
Who would have thought that a good nap would make you avoid all the "revelers" of the beach? It must be said that they are not stupid. To come and flirt with you is one thing. But from there you get out of your sleep to start a conversation, it is very, very pushed. Of course, you do not have to sleep. Feeling a nap in the sun with your hoodie on the eyes is a good way to send a message to anyone who tries to approach you: "I rest so do not bother me, thank you! "

Pass the type in question to go for a dip

This message is clear: "I'm here to have a good time and let off steam in the water, so do not waste your saliva young man."

Ask your best friend, ultra hot, to come with you
This tip is mainly for singles. The "come accompanied to the beach" card helps prevent too many guys from spinning around you. So, ask your best friend to come with you. It will be an opportunity to have a good time and to make understand around you that your attention is already centered on a person.

Saying that you are "unfortunately not on the same side"
So yes, it's true that lying is never a solution. But on a scale of 0: no lie, 1: little lie, 10: big lie, this little deception is at 1. It only aims to keep away from the men you see coming for miles and you do not want to have to make. As much stop them in their tracks with a: "We play in the same camp". And for those who are not really on this side, your conscience is quiet!

Prefer the pool with friends
If you are 1.75 meters tall, your measurements are 90-60-90 and you can not take a step in the street without a score of men turning around in your way, then it is certain that you you will dock at a time on the beach. No way to bask quietly the pill on fine sand! If really this situation becomes unsustainable because you can not get rid of your "balls", prefer the pool at friends!

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