February 29, 2024

Summer sullen, bad for morale

In many French regions, the summer of 2007 offered a very capricious weather. In this season, many people feel a little depressed, and have the impression that they have "stolen" their summer. They feel a slight depression, equivalent to that which can appear in the hollow of winter. Now, we know today that the light of Sun is essential to the well-being, and that this slightly morose state has biological reasons.

Gérard Pons, animator of the "European Center for Information on Light Therapy" (Ceilt), indicates that the light of the Sun is necessary for the man to feel good. According to him, "on average, a Frenchman spends no more than 20 minutes a day in the light of SunNow, for his well-being, two hours a day at a brightness of 2,000 lux, the luminosity on a cloudy day in winter, would be necessary.

Bad weather "sleep"
According to Gérard Pons, "this summer, in most French regions, the inhabitants lacked luminosity, because they are less out than the other years.When one runs out of light, one produces a somniferous, melatonin, which causes a depressive state, and makes you feel bad. "This malaise is grouped under the term" SAD "(" seasonal affective disorder ").
According to him, the lack of light would not be the only cause of the depressing aspect of a rainy summer. Gerard Pons says "we live with an annual cycle in our minds, where every season has to be marked, and this year we were ready to dress in shorts and short sleeves, and we did not have summer, "says the specialist in light therapy.This simple" lack of seasonality "may be partly responsible for a depressive state.

The solution: going out
According to Gerard Pons, the ideal not to suffer the effects of SAD would be "to live outside". For example, "going on vacation to Sun winter, or simply strolling over "are the easiest ways to recharge in light.

The sun at home
Another solution for those who feel a little depressed is to use lamps that reproduce sunlight, called "compact fluorescent tube" lamps. Manufactured by many manufacturers, they have the same brightness as the Sun, ultra violet (UV) rays in less. Many studies have already shown that replacing the desk lamp or kitchen lamp with this type of lamp, we could avoid the depressed state related to lack of brightness. Benefits already enjoyed by Montrealers, including the metro, where they spend an average of 20 minutes a day, have been equipped with light therapy lamps since last year.

Gérard Pons has translated from English to French the reference book on light therapy, Thirst for light, written by Norman Rosenthal (19.90 euros).

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