February 29, 2024

Sunglasses for the whole family: how to choose them?

Catherine Jégat, head of operations and communication of the National Association for the Improvement of the View (ASNAV) tells us more:

Are there sunglasses that offer quality protection and provide maximum UV protection for the whole family?

There is mainly a regulation that requires informing the consumer about the compliance of placing on the market of sunglasses, symbolized by the CE marking, and the protection category, classified from 0 to 4. Category 4 corresponds to glasses equipped very dark lenses and are recommended for extreme use, high mounting or practice of sailing, for example, but strongly discouraged for driving. Category 3 is the most common and suitable for all situations, in town or on vacation.

How do we know if we have chosen the right category of protection for the whole family?

By taking advice from his optician who can guide the person according to the use it wants to make his sunglasses (daily use, sport, vacation at sea or in the mountains ...)

Are all glass shades effective or should certain colors be avoided?

The hue and filtration quality of the UV rays are independent; both information must also be mentioned on the label bearing the CE marking. Side tints, the brown improves the contrasts (for driving, tennis or golf for example), the gray, optimal for the restitution of the colors, allows a polyvalent use of the glass, the gray-green is adapted to a daily use, the yellow and the orange accent the relief and the contrasts and are advised for the sports of glide and target (shooting, hunting) in time of fog or the night.

It should be noted that there are five categories of protection. It is therefore necessary to choose the right one according to the solar luminosity to which you will be exposed (mountain, sea ...). In summary, dark shades do not guarantee the best protection or contrast. The blue or pink hue of glasses is not recommended. You should prefer brown, green or gray glasses.