April 20, 2024

Surf, chat and e-mail: the dream begins

Aurélie Chomont Garnier and Hélène agree on this point: you have to take the time to chat or exchange e-mails to get to know each other. They find that we see pretty quickly if we have things to say to each other, if we are in trust with her and if we want to meet her.

They are also unanimous to advise a real quick meeting. Otherwise, we risk fantasizing too much and being disappointed then, as Helen says: "At one time, I lived in Brittany and I was talking with someone a little crazy that I liked a lot. We used to call each other often, we were at full speed, and after a few weeks we met in Paris around 3 am It was horrible, in a quarter of a second we saw that it was not going well We were so embarrassed, it was very unpleasant. "