April 1, 2020

Suri Cruise: the heels of scandal!

Barely 3 years old, Suri Cruise already has a dressing worthy of fashionistas most addicted to Hollywood shopping. According to the calculations of the American press, her clothes would be worth nearly 2 million dollars ... Flashed by photographers since birth, the little girl can no longer put a foot outside without crossing a paparazzi in the sandbox.

But today, a photo is controversial. In question, the heeled shoes of the little girl. At 3 years old, the little girl has everything of a great and the American press does not finish any more to unleash against Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, accused of using their daughter to promote them.

And if the "fashion" does not reach the number of years, one can wonder about the drifts of a system. If at 3 years, Suri Cruise already wears high heels, one wonders what it will bring to 10 years ...

In the meantime her parents seem to take pleasure in modeling the little girl and playing the doll under the eye of the photographers.

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