August 14, 2022

Surprise your darling on Valentine's Day

Think about what he really likes
Your darling is unique so rather than offering the latest fashionable perfume, personalize your gift by focusing on your likes and dislikes, even if you do not share the same interests. The most beautiful evidence oflove it's to find a gift which really corresponds to him.

You do not like football and he loves it? Give him two places for the next OM-PSG game at Parc des Princes. He is a fan of horror movies and hate you? Too bad, the box of movies Saw will make him very happy. He is addicted to reptiles? The complete kit of terrariophile grass, boa constrictor included, will make his happiness

Bet on sensuality
The Valentine's DayThis is not necessarily the endless candlelight dinner, where we look enamored all evening. Not only is it already seen but it's not really what will make you climb the curtains ... If you want a Valentine's Day who does not miss spice, it will have to play on the pleasures of the senses. On the evening of D-Day, install scented candles and put on a sweet music. Transform your interior so that it becomes a cozy little boudoir and then move on to the next phase massage with oils with ultra-sensual fragrances We recommend the body oils Oriental Amber or Orange Blossom of the Sultane de Saba which are a call to thelove !
For even more relaxation, you can use a candle to massage. These are candles specially designed for the practice of massage. The wax melts at a low temperature, does not burn, and turns into an oil of massage more aphrodisiac than ever because it is slightly hot. We recommend Jong'ena brand candles in the "Raise the Pressure" range. Delicately scented candles "Caresse de Sava" with vanilla, and "Caresse Massa? with mango are transformed into massage sensual after a few minutes of heating (//
You can also opt for a massage together ! Villa Thalgo offers a special care card Valentine's Day to discover in love to enjoy a moment of softness and well-being shared. We recommend the romantic stopover "The Happiness The senses ". On the program: a massage back intoxicating with the hot oil of ylang-ylang, ginger and vanilla, soothing benefits and finally a nap in the relaxation area called "the square of dreams" followed by a filter ofLove with ginger. Price: 108? for two.

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