July 12, 2024

Swarovski launches into child fashion!

Swarovski a crystal story
Since 1895, the Swarovski jeweler's house of Austrian origin, sublimates women with its jewelry collections. The line Swarovski Elements prestige crystal pieces, as for it embellishes the clothes by integrating precious crystals on the fabric. Become a key player in Fashion Week and providing support for many years to creators, Swarovski Elements now tackles a new market: that of children.

Kids fashion sparkles with Swarovski
From Tartine et Chocolat to Petit Bateau via Rykiel child, IKKS and Little Marc Jacobs the little ones will flicker in the fall thanks to Swarovski Elements. At the Pitti Bimbo show last January in Florence, the jeweler-designer organized a parade where he customized many ready-to-wear pieces for children. A total of 26 brands have collaborated with the famous crystal creator for a collection of 30 creations composed of T-shirts, dresses or sweaters intended for children from 4 to 8 years old. Given the success of this parade, the collections imagined with the help of Swarovski Elements are already available in the shops of each brand. A new that may delight young girls who want a real princess outfit like the tulle dress adorned with small sparkling crystals from Tartine et Chocolat.

Little more?
Although the brand has conquered a new market: ready-to-wear child, Swarovski also salivates the taste buds of young and old throughout the month of September. On the occasion of New York Fashion Week, Swarovski collaborated with Magnolia Barkery, the reference pastry of the Big Apple since it was revealed in the cult series Sex and the City. This collaboration gives birth to a real vanilla-flavored culinary gem that is topped with a vanilla frosting adorned with sparkling nuggets and iced blue crystal sugar.

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS showcases sparkling childrenswear (July 2024)