September 21, 2023

Taïg Khris: his good plans form for the summer

At D-30 of the beach, what strategy would you advise to ensure in jersey?
TK: the one I know best and that I adopt myself! First drink a maximum of water a day and not just the recommended 1.5 liters. At one month from the beach, I double this amount to 3 liters. The only solution to eliminate a maximum of fat and toxins.

Other tricks on the plate side?
TK: I totally stop the sweets and the chocolate which are nevertheless my sin. Conversely, I eat a lot of eggs but without the yolk. The white, full of proteins, allows to losing weight but not at the expense of muscle. And I eat better simply, nothing draconian or tasteless, just healthier and more balanced meals. On sunny days, I prepare a maximum of salads.



A recipe made in Taïg Kriss?
TK: of course! Salad + corn + cucumber + tomato + mozzarella + hard-boiled egg (but only white) accompanied by a little olive oil and herbs from Provence. Simple but balanced. When time is short, I do not hesitate to bet on food supplements. Practical, they are eaten on the run after mixing 2/3 scoops of vanilla or chocolate powder with water and shaking for a few seconds to get a milkshake mixture. It's good, fast, it can be prepared anywhere and it avoids the odd sandwich or pizza.

And sports side, a recommendation?
TK: the best of attitudes, do not overdo it to compensate for inactivity but rather bet on regularity with for example early 20 minutes of cardio two to three times a week before moving to 30 and 40 minutes or more. Swimming, jogging and of course rollerblading, it's up to you to see which activity suits you best. For men, a little targeted muscu brings a real benefit. An idea: return from work in rollerblading or Vélib '.



Why is cardio so important?
TK: it increases endurance while helping to burn a lot of calories, a goal usually sought when you want losing weight or stabilize it. Obviously, if you train three, even four or five times a week, the result will be faster and more memorable.

And once on vacation, an activity to focus?
TK: Doing sport should not become a constraint, the holidays are not that frequent, they must remain a moment of pleasure: tennis, beach volleyball, why not kayak the seas ... it's up to you to choose, especially, it is not necessary not to deprive oneself, especially when finding one's family. For me, the aperitif is a pleasure, a moment of sharing with my friends.

Advice to our novice readers for rollerblading?
TK: Safety first! So, we forget either the protections for the wrists or those for the knees and we tighten the top of the roller to prevent the ankle from moving and twisting. To stay stable on your rollers and avoid injuries, you have to hold your chest slightly forward. A position which, in the event of a fall forward, makes it possible to amortize thanks to the protections. But ultimately, roller skating is much less traumatic for joints than jogging.

Why is rollerblading so beneficial for concrete glutes?
TK: First, it makes the legs work in their entirety, reinforcing their tone. But roller skating is above all a fun and complete activity because it solicits the gluteal muscles to keep balance and work endurance. FYI, half an hour of roller skating, it's 300 calories gone.

Another exercise idea for the hurry before the summer?
TK: we zap lift and escalator to the advantage of the stairs and walking as if we were standing in front of his computer, we contracted the glutes a few seconds before releasing them. And no, this trick is not a fake, Californian are even addicted to its push-up effect. Recently, you inaugurated the fitness Park Paris open 24 hours.

For you, what is the interest of this type of establishment?
TK: I think it's great that this type of establishment is finally coming to France. I hope this is just the beginning for those structures that already have a huge success in the United States. I see three advantages. Open without limit, one can thus avoid the overcrowded slots where one queues, of the blow to make sport becomes more enjoyable and one gains in efficiency.Then there is the cost at 30? per month, a rate adapted to all the scholarships. And above all, despite this price that may seem suspicious, I assure you that the quality of the machines is at the top!

So, are you registered in this room?
TK: yes, I opened the fitness Park but I also took my subscription and my girlfriend too. We even happened to go at 1am and 5am in the morning after a big day of promotion, just to evacuate and go to bed with a good tiredness, without stress. Opening accessible clubs in city centers is essential! Being better in one's body allows one to approach everyday life more serenely.

Fitness Park
5, avenue de la République,
75011 Paris,
06 10 68 84 66

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