October 25, 2021

Take a dog for his child: which one to choose?

Some dogs are very nervous, others need large spaces. But there is no race that has more affinities than others with children. As explained Jean-Luc Vuillemenot, representative of the French Association for information and research on pets (AFIRAC), "the behavior of a dog depends a lot on the canine environment in which he was raised and theeducation he received ". Opt for a dog deemed calm does not guarantee that he will be the perfect companion of the family.
Appearances are deceptive
Too often, we fall for a puppy with a teddy look, or we look for the style of dog the most fashionable. After watching the movie LassieHow many children have not dreamed of having a collie? "We do not choose a dog on his framesays Véronique Ozanne, psychologist and behaviorist. What is his role alongside man for thousands of years? That's the essential information. " And to quote the example of jack russel, confused with a dog because of its small size, whereas it is a dog of hunting.
Take the time to learn
Once you have selected the breeds of dog you like, ask people who have, around you, in your neighborhood, during a walk in a park ... Living with these animals daily, they will give you relevant information, according to Véronique Ozanne, which encourages also to consult the discussion forums on the Internet.

How to Choose the Perfect Dog Breed Just for You (October 2021)