June 5, 2020

Take care of your face at 50

Moisturize, firm up, fill wrinkles ... face care 50-year-olds want to be more frequent, with products with increased efficiency to give more lasting results.

Facials at age 50 require more nourishing products.
Aside from your usual make-up removing lotion, choose very nourishing day and night creams to deeply moisturize your skin. You can optionally opt for concentrated serums or balms to be applied by very gentle mini-pinches on the most relaxed parts of the face. Choose formulas that promote hydration and water retention in skin tissue. Continue the anti-aging care on the neck and the contours of the eyelids with the adapted products.

The 50-year-old facials target regenerative care.
Practice a scrub special sensitive skin, every two weeks followed by an ultraregenerating mask. Apply one or two times a week an anti-aging mask and massage frequently face with sweet almond oil or argan. Get specific institute treatments: scrubs, deep cleansing to purify, massage with essential oils ...

Facials at age 50 take into account menopause
The effects of menopause are due to the hormonal changes of this stage.
Your skin is thinner, less hydrated and against the sebaceous secretions increase. Nourish your skin with highly hydrating anti-aging creams and reducing water loss in the tissues. You can also every day a serum "coup de brilliance".
Always drink plenty of water and supplement your diet with trace elements to slow down the effects of free radicals.

My Anti-Aging Skincare Routine - Winter 2019 | Over 50 (June 2020)