February 29, 2024

Tantric sex: What if you converted to it?

The concept of tantric love
Tantrism, a current of Hindu thought and born around 500 AD, is a doctrine of spiritual, physical and emotional harmony. It aims, as the etymology of its name indicates, the expansion of consciousness and the release of energy. Its foundation is the belief in one entity, the paramatman, or universal soul, an androgynous unity that breaks down into a masculine element called "static" and a feminine element, called "dynamic". And it is precisely this union of forces that forms a pure and perfect "whole" that Tantrism applies to the love relationship in general and to sexual intercourse in particular.

The importance of creating a conducive atmosphere
At the opposite of the race for sexual performance that exists today, fashion snapshot and disposable, tantric sex requires a real involvement in the long term of both partners. Before attempting the experiment, it is better that you learn about the subject, to understand the principles, the stakes and especially the benefits ... When you will then go to practice, make sure to create an atmosphere that lends itself to exercise. Do you spare a weekend or a day alone, without shopping to do, portable that ring without stopping or dinner with friends to organize the evening ... Look after the decor, with cushions, soft carpets and scented candles or flowers around you (smell is a very important component of tantrism). The conditions are then met for him and you to let go ...

Ebats tantra, instructions for use
In Tantrism, loving communion is established first through the gaze. So plunge your eyes first into those of your dear and tender, you speak, dialogue in the most peaceful way possible. You then have the opportunity to awaken your taste buds, before doing the same for your body, offering each other fruit or other pleasurable dishes. The next step is to undress the other but without rush or frenzy (clothing torn and thrown on the floor, forget!). Start to caress yourself always from the bottom up, and not necessarily on the classic erogenous zones because the goal of Tantrism is not to lead to theOrgasm as soon as possible. Make gentle movements and if there is penetration, keep the bonds of look and caress. Be careful also to have the maximum of skin surface that touches that of your partner, finally draw your breath on his. Continue to go as slowly as possible, so as to delay your enjoyment to the maximum and make it even more tasty ... And especially practice without moderation: the more you will indulge in tantra love, the better!

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