March 26, 2023

Tara Jarmon: 20 years of passion

How did you start your career?
Originally from Canada, I came to France when I was a student in Political Science. I discovered fashion when I arrived in Paris and met my future husband and partner at the time. It is thanks to him, already in the world of ready-to-wear, that I discovered the world of fashion that fascinated me.
I had a very specific vision of French women and "Parisian chic". I was not disappointed when I discovered "the beautiful way French women dress".

Have you received training?
I learned on the job by looking at the modellers. Then, I trained in drawing as part of continuing education.
I work a lot with foreigners - the activity of Tara Jarmon outside our borders represents approximately 60% of the brand's turnover. Often we do not speak the same language, but when we draw models, we understand each other right away.

Do you still work with your husband?
Yes, my husband is mainly responsible for the management part but he likes the style as well and is very present in this activity.

How do you create?
I am not necessarily trends, I remain faithful to my style and a certain idea of ​​elegance. I create clothing according to the image I have of the Frenchwoman: an independent woman who works.
I really like what I do, I am always passionate about my job. My dream is always the same: to create clothing to see them then wear by women.
You've had a blazing success ...
We were successful right away even though the first ten years we progressed slowly. The real boom took place when we opened our own stores in 1995.

What is your best memory ?
When I started: the first woman I met in the street dressed in Tara Jarmon. It made an impression on me and it continues to move me today when I meet women who wear models that I have drawn.

And your worst memory?
I do not have any that come to mind, but at every collection presentation, I always have the same fear: that of not having done well enough, that it does not like.

Do you have a tip for our users?
All women should wear clothing in jersey. It is a very pleasant material, easy to wear.

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