June 2, 2020

Taste of birthday: stay zen

For the birthday snack to take place in the best conditions, anticipate.
Start by determining the style. Does your son want to celebrate with a particular theme (around football, cowboys ...) or just? This will already give you an idea of ​​the decoration to adopt and games to propose.
Use and abuse lists: that of the guests, ingredients to taste it, games ... All this will allow you to see more clearly.
If you have a garden, plan a few outdoor games. Also think of a fallback solution in case of bad weather and quieter activities like paint or salt dough to calm the spirits.
Then make a schedule until D-Day. Are you afraid of not managing everything? In this case, buy a ready-made cake and drinks at the local supermarket. As for the decor, she will wait. And if you fear that children will not have fun, relax, they will be able to put animation.
Things to not do
Do not leave animals near children. On the one hand, because toddlers may only be interested in animals and more by the birthday, on the other hand because they might be afraid and bite the little ones.
If your offspring do not get along very well, take the grandmother to the grandparents for the time of the party.
Finally, this is not the time to reflect to your child on his haircut or his clothes. Today, the king is him!

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