August 16, 2022

Taurus Horoscope 2011 - Health

Taurus Horoscope 2011: your health throughout the year


First trimester Your vitality will be sharply increased thanks to the good astral vibrations today. But that will not be a reason to relax in terms of lifestyle. Be especially strict in your eating habits: have fixed meal times, and take the time to eat.


Second trimester : It is possible that you are a bit wicked at the beginning of this period. But you will quickly recover your balance if you adopt a healthy lifestyle. Beware of overeating: as a true native of the sign, this is your weak point. If you decide to eat both lightly and healthily, by putting yourself in organic vegetables for example, the good results will not be long.


Third trimester : Your love of good food may cause the scale needle to rise dangerously. You will need a low calorie diet but just as delectable to the palate as the dishes in sauce that you like. Do not forget to exercise to preserve your line despite your gastronomic excesses.


Fourth trimester : Pretty good resistance. You will not have huge energy reserves, but you will be able to intelligently manage your schedule, so as to maintain moments of relaxation. Take the opportunity to play sports, it will help you stay in good shape. Choose a non-violent activity such as swimming, yoga, walking or relaxation.

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