August 2, 2021

Taurus Horoscope 2011 - Silver

Taurus Horoscope 2011: your financial situation


First trimester : No major planet is directly affecting the pecuniary area at this time. Yet this period should be easy and protected. Indeed, with the support of Jupiter, planet of luck and success, you should not have a financial problem. In addition, Venus in favorable aspect will be worth you a beautiful protection and, perhaps, a small unexpected return of money.


Second trimester : Without the support of Jupiter, you can hardly count, as recently, on appreciable small strokes of luck. It will therefore require seriousness and rigor in the management of your budget. Also avoid abusing credits, and know how to slow down your luxury desires. Certainly, this is not a very enjoyable program, for you who like to spend according to your moods, but it is the price you will have to pay to escape the demoralizing financial worries.


Third trimester : You will not experience in the financial field any direct global impact. You can manage your budget balance without difficulty. But beware, when the planets are not interested in your fate, do not count on their support to win the Lotto or miraculously get a raise. If you want to improve your status, it will be up to you to act and give you the necessary harm.


Fourth trimester Venus being in a good mood, everything should be fine financially. Beware, however: the goddess of love, beauty and harmony could push some of you to spend fortunes for aesthetic care, or hire a decorator to remake luxuriously the tapestries of the show!

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