December 10, 2023

Taurus Horoscope 2015 - Love

Taurus Horoscope 2015 - your future in love

First trimester : If you are a married couple who have been going through a difficult phase for some time, it is during this period that things will be decided. For some, there will be a great explanation, perhaps a little violent, but that will clean up the situation and start on a good basis. Others will choose the break; but it will be to very quickly let himself be intoxicated by the freedom found. For the solitary, this period is likely to be marked by a very important meeting, which will likely lead to a marriage or cohabitation.
Second trimester : Anything can happen on the love plane. Jupiter, Venus and Uranus will increase your sensuality and encourage encounters and love at first sight. Mars and Saturn, for their part, will threaten your married life. Different scenarios are possible. Some natives, married, will fall in love with someone else, which will put them in a delicate situation. Others, while crossing a couple of difficult areas, will seduce their spouse or partner and make him forget all his grievances. Others, finally, whose hearts are free, are the most favored: they will indeed have a good chance of meeting the person with whom they will want to share their life.
Third trimester : Under the wing of Venus, your love should fill you. You will establish with your spouse strong bonds of complicity. Many of you will undertake a new and exciting activity with your partner. If you live alone, you will fall in love to the point of forgetting to defend your sacrosanct freedom. By the time you invite all your friends to your wedding, there will not be far!
Fourth trimester : With four planets passing in your sign, you will be more centered on yourself than on others. This does not mean that your love will be lacking in charm, but more simply that you will be rather selfish. For the majority of you, this will not be of consequence. After all, even if you love for your pleasure before thinking about your partner, it will not stop you from being pleasant to live with. But be careful, you risk having excessive reactions and somewhat infantile. This will be the case for married natives and ... sensitive to the charm of someone other than their regular partner. They will not want to hear about fidelity or morality! Be careful, this type of attitude may have far more serious consequences than you would like.

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