September 19, 2020

Teach your child cleanliness

On the pot

28 months: this is the average age for the transition from diapers to pot. But, a little earlier, a later, whatever. It is not a question of age but of maturity.
Before 18 months, no need to place his child on the pot even if you know exactly what time it will do in his diaper. For your child advance on the path of cleanliness, it must be a conscious movement on his part.
The rule: never force it. Moms must play down dramatically, the acquisition of cleanliness does not reflect the degree of intelligence of their child.
Too bad if three years ago, your little one is still not clean. It's up to you to talk to the director of her future kindergarten so that she will accept it anyway. And then once your child is ready, everything can go very quickly and the business will be settled in two or three weeks.

- In summary: it is the examination of his motor skills that should guide you. He is able to climb up and down the stairs alone? If so, this is a sign that his motor coordination is good and that he is able to control his sphincters. Your child must also be able to express his desires and ask for the pot.

- To help him, always place the pot in the same place and suggest him to go at fixed times, waking for example. Choose a stable pot on which he will feel safe. If he is afraid, reassure him by reading a story.
Start by removing her diapers only during the day. Nighttime cleanliness usually takes a month to a year after the daytime.
When your child Go on the pot is first to please you so do not hesitate to show your satisfaction.

Body wash

- From three, four years oldchild must begin to take charge. Let it soap itself, even if you need to iron if necessary. But beware, at this age he can still drown in the bathtub. The bath must therefore continue to unfold under your supervision.
- To avoid attacking your thin skin, Marseille soap is ideal. However, provided you choose only those intended for childrenLiquid gels will make your toilet more fun. To distract him, think of fun bath balls too. And when you leave the bath, always check that it rinses well enough to remove all traces of soap.

Brushing teeth

- As soon as his first teeth appear, you have to familiarize your child with brushing. In any case, do not rub vigorously because its teeth are soft and you risk damaging them. Until the age of three, no toothpaste on his brush, he may swallow it.
- After, use only toothpaste " child "At the appropriate doses of fluorine, but beware of fluorosis, intoxication due to overdose of fluorine. child should not accumulate taking tablets, use of toothpaste and diet too rich in fluorine.
- From the age of three, he is old enough to hold his toothbrush on his own. Just guide him in his gestures: top and bottom teeth separately, in a vertical motion.
- To show him the importance of good brushing, explain to him also how caries and their consequences are formed.
- Do not force him to brush his teeth three minutes watch in hand. If it's a real chore for him, he will eventually refuse to brush the quenottes alone.
- A funny toothbrush can be a good option. However, it will have to be adapted to his hands and his jaw.

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