February 29, 2024

Teen: tips to be in good shape on the day of the ferry

... it is necessary to prepare it several months in advance by adopting in particular a good hygiene by planning revisions and getting the right tools (sheets, manuals ...). This year, the kickoff of the events will be given on June 16th. Here are some tips for getting in shape on D-Day.

Know how to plan and how to review?

As the saying goes, there is no point in running, the important thing is to get to the point. In other words, last-minute revisions are useless. Revisions must begin several months before the scheduled events in June. In other words, it is too late for latecomers.

What are the right tools?

- The courses of the past year! Thanks to this daily and regular work, revisions will be easier.
- The manuals that are generally well done. Documents, illustrations and application exercises abound in these manuals.
- Specialized books like "MemoBac", "Annabac" ...
- The individual files (by subject and by chapter) for the last straight line.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

The secret of form and concentration reside above all in a balanced diet. Theteenagerwho prepares to pass his baccalaureate, must not skip any meal. Menus must be varied and meals should be taken in moderation, at regular times and with pleasure. Indeed, a person who eats against the heart may then have stomach upset or bloating. Oh, I forgot, do not miss the breakfast.

Every day, the body needs fresh fruits and vegetables, starchy foods, dairy products, meat, fish, eggs, lipids (rather of vegetable origin) and sweet products (without excess). And yes your plate must contain all the essential elements for the functioning of neurons: vitamins, minerals, trace elements ... As for the body, it needs to drink ... water.

Good night, little ones!

The sleep is important ! Theteenager decided to spend these last nights revising. Needless. Already, he will not make up for lost time and the sleep is vital to our body. It must be aware that the sleep is as important as eating or revising. A lack of sleep will result in disturbances of balance, behavior and alertness. A good night's sleep sleep will allow the teenager to relax and relieve the tension and fatigue accumulated during the day.

Did you know ?

When you sleep, your brain "digests" and memorizes all the things learned during the day according to specialists of the sleep. It's a bit like continuing to revise. In the last stretch, you must go to bed between 22:00 and 22:30. If your child has trouble falling asleep, he must avoid:

- to eat too rich before going to bed,
- to consume excitants like coffee, tea or tobacco
- to exercise before going to bed. Reading or soft music is recommended,
- stay too long in front of your computer
- to fight against fatigue
- take sleeping pills without medical advice.

A little pump in the middle of the day? To remedy this, the teen can take a nap to get off to a good start.

Watch out for miracle substances

The examination period is approaching and some future graduates want to give themselves a little boost, develop their memory, be less stressed ... That's when they get drugs like tablets to boost their health. memory or anti stress pills. . But the abuse of pharmaceuticals can also be likened to doping. Before swallowing a drugyour child must visit a doctor.

At bottom the form!

For studious and less studious students, moments of relaxation and leisure should not be banned. This is the last revisions! Your "big baby" has to take breaks while taking a break, walking, or indulging in his favorite sport. A sports activity helps to break between revisions, take the air to avoid cracking!

It's the day

The child must not wake up at the last moment and must provide a sufficiently wide transport time to cope with the unexpected (technical incidents, strike ...).After a good shower and a full breakfast (bread, butter, yogurt, fruit juice ...), it will be ready for the day J.

Let's summarize: a balanced diet, enough hours of sleep, physical activity and revisions ... throughout the year.

Now all I have to do is say good luck!

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