January 16, 2022

Teenager: free prom dresses for princesses one night

The prom, which takes place in all American high schools at the end of the school year, is an opportunity for girls to get ready as princesses and to go to the arm of a "prince charming" also costumed. As a rule, a couple is crowned king and queen of the evening. This moment is really important for hundreds of Americans who want to feel beautiful that night.

Like all "chic" parties, you need a budget and not all American women ride on gold. For these girls, it is also out of the question to splurge for an evening outfit. What to do ? Do not go out because some families live in modest neighborhoods? There is no question that the ball prom is usually a passage to adulthood. As the princess Cinderella, one of the heroines of Disney, these girls found their fairy ...

... Charitable associations throughout the United States have thought of all these girls who are from a modest social background. As a result, they are putting up more and more afternoons dedicated to distributing dresses for prom. Where do all these stuffs, all these jewels and accessories come from? They were simply donated!

In Washington (for example), teenage girls, often black Americans, went to a shop in Chinatown to shop without paying a dollar: satin and silk evening gowns, sequined charms and matching handbags. To the west of the city, in the upscale neighborhoods of the capital, the price of some dresses can go up to $ 1,000.

Free prom dresses for female high school juniors and seniors (January 2022)