August 14, 2022

Teenagers and alcohol: the consequences of the "express bites"

News headlines report regularly to young people arriving in the pediatric emergency department while intoxicated. Last November, a 15-year-old girl fell into an ethyl coma with more than 3 grams ofalcohol per liter of blood. An hour was enough for him to find drunkenness.

These "express bitrates" often take place very quickly and away from prying eyes, especially adults.

In addition to wine glasses and beer cans, the problem comes mainly from blends ofalcohol, also called "premixes", which contain alcohol strong and drink non alcoholic. If the teenager does not feel the taste of whiskey or vodka, the appetizer is nevertheless present.

But this hyper-alcoholization devastates the health of adolescents. First the liver, especially because at 16 this organ is still not mature, but also the brain. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, binge drinking has become a public health problem. Indeed, the excessive consumption ofalcohol has consequences for the young person as well as for the others: road accidents, violence, unprotected sex, alcoholic comas and of course alcoholism.

To stop this phenomenon in France, the Minister of Health Roselyne Bachelot launched in 2008 a commercial to educate young people about the misdeeds ofalcohol and more particularly of this mode of consumption. In 2009, the mayor of Paris took over by launching an information campaign.

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