June 23, 2024

Teenagers: How to improve grades in English?

France is one of the worst pupils at the European level in terms of learning and mastering foreign languages, especially English. However, this delay can be made up by TELL ME MORE, which is one of the world leaders in distance language training. This group offers new online support training school in English to help middle and high school students make progress and improve their grades. TELL ME MORE offers training adapted to the level of theteenager. This group is used by teachers to complete their classes or fill the gaps of students. The content proposed in the training Support School is the same as that used in institutions school secondary school.

Numbers, numbers!

In 2009-2010, modern languages ​​accounted for nearly 7% of the time devoted to educational support in public colleges. 98% of high school students speak English predominantly. It is also required in several courses of higher education. But the level of high school students in English remains low. Only three out of ten students earn level B2, which is the fourth level on the CEFR scale of scales allowing the comparability of language skills between individuals in Europe. It should be noted that seven out of ten high school students meet or exceed the minimum level required at the end of compulsory schooling (B1). It is therefore necessary to perfect one's knowledge and to work on weak points with complementary methods.

Personalized, playful and oral-centered content

The new training support school TELL ME MORE offers about 100 hours of work, about thirty themes and 2,000 interactive exercises of forty different types. Many exercises use speech recognition to work the oral way in a fun way through interactive dialogue activities, videos or phonetics. And the writing? It is not left behind thanks to grammar and vocabulary activities. The Anglo-Saxon culture is also approached through cards and quizzes. Theteenager can work on British English or American English content as well. Parents can also learn about their child's progress through a follow-up space.

Unlimited access for three months

As soon as he is connected to the WEBPASS website, the high school student accesses the training online seven days a week and 24 hours a day for three months. He can thus define his work rhythm. You should also know that each work session is saved. Note also that the passage of a level test, giving a grade of 10 is recommended at the beginning and end of training. The WEBPASS, support version school from TELL ME MORE, costs 39 euros per quarter. The online portal is compatible with most OS (Windows, Mac, Linux ...) and internet browsers. Click here for more information.

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