April 17, 2024

Test the varnish in real time on the Nocibé website

Test the nail polish of your choice, without having to apply it, without having to sacrifice your current manicure, and without even having to go to the store? Crazy, impossible, crazy? No, possible! Thanks to the new tool put in place on the website of Nocibé, called "Color Test". An ingenious and practical tool, which allows you to see the result of each color of varnish proposed by the brand Nocibé, on real nails. From the effect varnish, through the most classic, you can try all the nuances, in all simplicity, and at will. The dream of all beauty addicts, is not it?

From our side, we have already tested Color Test. Verdict? We find the tool fun and easy to use. The rendering is also very realistic. Practical when it comes to see what can look like different effect varnishes, such as magnetic, crackle or beaded. Nocibé also offers some beauty tips for a better look on your nails. He advises you to buy a suitable top coat to prolong your nail polish, or very precise shades, to associate with your sequined varnishes.

Impossible, now, not to display perfect manicures and tendencies.

To test, without waiting, on the site www.nocibe.fr


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