January 31, 2023

Testimonial: "I had the flu A"

Celine, what were the first symptoms that alerted you?
Sunday night (September 20), I started to have a sore throat, I thought it was a little cold. But in the night, I had up to 39 of fever, I had sweats, I shivered ... In the morning I could not move so much I had aches, I had a lot of pain in the top of the shoulders , still fever, so I called SOS Doctors.

How were you told about the diagnosis?
Well the doctor did not tell me anything! He just told me I had the influenza anyway. He gave me paracetamol, cough syrup and throat lozenges. I really knew it was influenza When, after three days, I went to renew my stop disease because I caught a cold and more! It was the 2nd doctor who diagnosed me, advising me to go home. The first doctor must have known it too, but he certainly did not tell me so as not to distract me. And there I was afraid during the diagnosis. In addition it's hard because the doctor does not reach out to you, does not hold the door, it's really weird!

How do you differentiate between seasonal flu and A flu?
The doctor told me that at that time, it could only be the influenza A because the influenza Seasonal is winter! And the influenza A is more virulent and more contagious than the influenza "normal" but it lasts less, a week against two with the influenza Winter. And for the treatment, I was given nothing more than syrup and paracetamol, no Tamiflu, because it serves as an analgesic to lower fever, such as paracetamol.

How do you think you caught her?
I think it was in transport. I was tired for a week, I ran everywhere, taking the subway every day, and in addition I had forgotten my antiseptic gel, then forgot to wash my hands when arriving at work. So I think that all that cumulated had to favor the contamination!

Do you think we are going towards an epidemic?
No, I think it turned to psychosis. Myself, isolated at home, I went out once to take the air with a mask and I had a radius of 10 meters around me, as if I had the virus Ebola! In the supermarket, people changed their radius. I tried to pretend I was not sick!

People have fled you?
A friend wanted to come to see me, but after ten minutes I told her to leave for fear of contaminating her. At home I try to clean the air with essential oils, I wash my hands all the time so as not to contaminate the objects of my apartment ... Even after a week and when all the symptoms are gone, we remain contagious for another two or three days, so be careful.

What do you recommend to those who are afraid of catching the flu?
It gets caught like any other viruswhen you are tired, weakened during this season. It is best to take paracetamol, vitamins and protect yourself and disinfect the hands. After if you catch it, do not stop paracetamol even if the symptoms have disappeared because the body continues to fight against the virus.

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