August 14, 2022

Testimonials: "I do not like my tattoo anymore"

It is not uncommon for some to use the laser to remove a tattooed motif on a whim, an impulsive urge or to please the lover of the moment: gross reasons, first names surrounded by a heart .. The list of armadillos that may seem ridiculous is long ...

"To celebrate my 18 years, I decided, after a well-watered evening, to have me tattoo a small revolver in the left groin ... I found it funny during the first years but today I have 38 and I find it ridiculous ... I regret having acted so impulsively ... ", explains Aurélie.

In the case of Aurélie, the chosen motive may not be as serious as if she had chosen the name of her boyfriend surrounded by a huge heart with an arrow ... Especially if the boyfriend in question is no longer on the agenda, the laser becomes the inevitable solution.

"I tattooed a tribal pattern with flowers on my shoulder down my elbow and today I regret it even though it's only been two years ... I have not really thought about the consequences because in my daily life, I see that it is badly perceived by my professional entourage ... ", explains Nathalie.

In general, a tattoo is the result of a strong desire, especially a tribal pattern that unfolds over a large part of the body and requires time to achieve ... When it is too extravagant, women get tired faster than men.
Our advice
Before getting a tattoo, take the time to think. To help you, know that in case of regret, several sessions of "tattooing" at the dermatologist are necessary and they can be painful. Everything will depend on the surface to eliminate ...

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