August 16, 2022

Testimonials: "I tested homeopathy."

Carmen, 28, photographer

"I'm 28 years old and I've had acne that has worsened over the last ten years, I have tried many conventional treatments, full of constraints and never given anything in the long run. One day, my pharmacist advised me to test homeopathy, and there miracle, the effects were almost immediate! In five days we could see the difference and after a month, I had more Then my advice: test instead of criticizing! "

Beatrice, 56, housewife
"Homeopathy, I say yes, I am a case apart, it must be made clear, because I have become allergic to most pharmaceuticals allopathic (pharmaceuticals so-called normal) following an overdose, a few years ago. Homeopathy is my backup solution, and it helps me live well on a daily basis. It allows me to fight, among others, against my allergies, my stress and my liver problems. No side effects, no heavy and restrictive treatments: I'm doing pretty well in the end! "

Margot, 23 years old, student
"I never believed in homeopathy, but to avoid dying stupid, I tried once, I have suffered from insomnia for years, so I went to the pharmacy to get my small granules. One week later, no effects, one month later, still not, I changed the doses, still nothing, that's what I thought: zero efficiency, maybe it's because I knew that was lost in advance ... Anyway, I'm not ready to retry the shot! Long live classical medicine! "

Line, 41, restaurateur
"It's been more than twelve years since I treated by homeopathy, I have no doubt about the effectiveness it can have on feverish conditions in general (fever, nausea, hypoglycemia, digestive problems). it does not work for everything and it depends on people, it has never allowed me to get rid of my headaches, for example, unlike acupuncture. "

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