June 23, 2021

Testimonials: meeting with two Dove muses

The first is Alice Chaygneaud. She is 25 years old and is a graphic illustrator. The other is Marine Debeney, 28, and works in the art direction. Their common point? In addition to their natural beauty and their sympathy, these two young women also share a podium, the time of an evening, for the show of true beauties, organized by the brand Dove. Before embarking on this great adventure, the editor went to meet these two improvised models, for a interview beauty. From their affection for Dove, to their complex, and their tricks to have confidence in themselves.

Dove, a beautiful love story

Alice: "I started this adventure because I knew the brand well, it conveys values ​​that correspond to me and in which I find myself.Dove, in fact, is to be beautiful without overselling oneself, to sublimate what we are already, feeling good about yourself and having confidence in yourself, so I wanted to be one of the 50 women who would represent this vision of things, so I participated in the casting organized on their website ".
Marine : "I tried to become muse year-round, last year. But that did not work. I still won a year of Dove products. So I learned to know the brand well. And I like their vision and their conception of things. Dove takes women as they are, natural, simple. So I decided to join the cast. "


Small complexes
Alice: "I do not like my stature, my shoulders, which I find too imposing.I am rather reserved, I have a hard time going unnoticed because of them.Sometimes, certainly, I play because I put heels, but I do not really like that part of my body. "

Marine : "My nose, and more precisely, the hump of my nose, but I will never change it, it's a family nose, as they say, I also have a little trouble with my hair, which is very bulky and My friends even say that I have a sacred mane (laughs)

To regain self-confidence
Alice: "There are days when we will not be able to find anything that goes with us, but sometimes we just think we're beautiful as we are, we have to remember our moments, never forget them. The body of a woman is harmonious, and sometimes seeing each other through someone else's eyes helps us to appreciate ourselves, and my man has changed my view of me. real women, with real forms, through her eyes I find myself beautiful. "

Marine : "I have always been told:" In the morning, tell yourself that you are beautiful, such as you are, and your day will be beautiful. "After all, we are beautiful for ourselves, not for others."

Fetish products
Marine : "I'm very natural, I do not really take the time to do my hair, makeup." There is still a product that I highly recommend, especially for those with dry hair. therapy, a conditioner carewho makes hair soft and feels really good. I also like the Dove brand, which really looks good, and their ultra-nourishing milk body soap. "

Spiro Kostof Lecture (June 2021)