April 20, 2024

The 10 questions to ask a nanny during the job interview

1-What is your path?
You will be able to know if she has already kept children, for how long, if she worked in institutions (cribs, day-care centers), if she has diplomas ...

2-What are your references?
Ask him for the names and phone numbers of both families previous years for which she worked. You can then check his skills and learn more about his personality, his qualities and his flaws. Nothing like a confirmation by a former employer to feel reassured!

3- What is your personal situation?
If she is a foreigner, it is important to know if she has a residence card. Admittedly, it is a pretty indelicate question but it will be difficult for you to legally hire a nanny whose situation is irregular ...

4-What do you like about your job?
Ask her what she likes to do and what she does not like doing. It is very important that your child be present during the interview. You will see what attitude she adopts towards him. If she takes him in her arms, if she is interested, if yourbaby He smiles at her ... You will see that if your child feels confident, you will be too.

5-Do you know what to do when the baby is sick?
This is not a trap question. It's just about testing your knowledge. Ask her for example the number of firefighters, what she does in case of high fever. Questions necessary for the health and safety of your child.

6-Where do you live?
It is indeed better to choose a nanny whose domicile is not too far away, to avoid delays and absences in case of strike.

7-Can you tell me a typical day with a child?
Ask her about the activities she would offer your child if she plans to take her to the park. It's up to you to judge if it's the perfect day to awaken your child.

8-Do you smoke ?
For parents, it is often unacceptable to smoke in the presence of a child. Remember that passive smoking is bad for their health. Whatever happens, ask your nanny to never smoke in the presence of your child. Tell him it's a trust pact between you and her.

9-Do you cook?
Children, from an early age, must discover different flavors. The nanny must be able to prepare good meals and awaken her taste buds.

10- When do you take your holidays?
It is important to evaluate its availability. Remember that holidays are a source of complication for families. If your nanny shares whatever happens every month in July, it is important to know it very quickly. Remember, it's always easier to negotiate initially than to readjust.

Nanny Interview Questions - From a Bel Air Nanny (April 2024)