August 16, 2022

The 10 reflexes to adopt against the overweight of the children

Here are the 10 reflexes to adopt against the overweight of the children.

1 / Have your child monitor
It is important to weigh and measure your child with the pediatrician. You will follow its curve of corpulence. You will notice the evolution of the body mass index (BMI), that is to say its weight compared to its size. This supervision is important from a very young age. The earlier bad habits become, the more difficult it is to fight them as adults.

2 / Respect the rhythm of four meals a day
Insist on breakfast and snack to avoid snacking during the day. Avoid especially the morning snack. Nutritionists and pediatricians have decided: this snack is no longer suitable for children's diets.

3 / Limit fatty foods in favor of vegetables and fruits
Your child has trouble eating vegetables? To make him love, try to play on starch / vegetable combinations in the same dish. For example, make him a vegetable pizza, you can also brighten his green beans by topping them with tomato sauce. Prefer vegetables cooked with raw vegetables, they are more digestible for the child.

4 / Book treats and sodas for birthday snacks, family celebrations
In any case, banish candies, candy bars and other appetizers. It is very easy to give in to the ceaseless demands of children but hang in there!

5 / Make him discover the "backstage of the kitchen"
Learning to eat well is about finding food. You can take your child to the market with you. Learn him the name of the fish, compare together the color of the fruits. At the restaurant, explain the different menus.
When you cook at home, get involved in the preparation of dishes, children love to cook.

6 / Encourage your child to exercise
Get them moving, walking, running and playing. The children have an extraordinary tone that must be made to spend. With the winter coming its way, it is often tempting to take refuge in the car rather than walk a little. However, a few minutes of walking each day, a little cycling on weekends and sports practiced at school are ample to keep fit all children.

7 / Tell him not to spend unreasonable time in front of the television or in front of his game console
Television is a source of inactivity and nibbling. The image is a real cliche but it is real: nibbling in front of the TV makes you fat!

8 / Make it drink
Flat water or tap water, your child must drink to thirst, during meals but also outside especially at the time of physical activity.

9 / Make sure your child goes to bed early!
Your child must sleep at least 9 hours a night. Lack of sleep can lead to hormonal disorders and therefore risk of weight gain.

10 / Observe and listen to your child
It can happen that an anxious and stressed child causes a compensation mechanism that encourages an excessive intake of food. Do not hesitate to talk to a doctor if this is the case.

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