July 5, 2020

The 10 tips for having a dream body

Nutrition tips


1) Eat a chewing gum with mint


Chew gum at the end of a meal or a little before the end if you want to reduce your caloric intake. You can also brush your teeth with a minty toothpaste. You will be amazed at not being tempted to eat another bite of your dessert. This approach works just as well if you are invited to a buffet. Arrive by chewing discreetly a chewing gum. Result? You reduce by more than 25% what you will eat since the first moments (those where attracted by all the delicacies you do not resist the temptation) will chew your chewing gum.


A tip: Do not forget to choose your chewing gum to know the best sweeteners that will not affect your line or your health.


 2) Purify your body


One day a week, add at least 5 detox foods such as pineapple, lentils, lamb's lettuce or orange. The elimination of toxins will allow to find a peach of hell to move and eliminate some calories. Every morning, also adopt the detox reflex to get rid of toxins. The ideal is then to drink an infusion of Sobacha (they are roasted buckwheat seeds) as well as a lemon juice pressed in a little lukewarm water. Most of these tips? You find a fresh and bright complexion!


 3) Incorporate vegetable protein into your diet


They have the advantage of not being a source of bad saturated fats for the body. Eat oily fish (salmon, mackerel, tuna) for omega 3 and 6, white meat and eggs. Then once or twice a week, indulge yourself with red meat. The rest of the time rely on vegetable proteins such as tofu, red or black beans, flageolets and lentils of all kinds ... You can also consume whole grain cereals to obtain proteins of very good quality.



Fitness tips


4) Integrate a 25e hour


Concept created by coach Valérie Orsoni, 25e time allows you to add in your daily life a string of exercises to tone you without having the air. By accumulating these few minutes here and there, you arrive almost at 1h from sport in the day without going to the gym. For example, contract the abs on the bus, contract the glutes in the office. You can also do some push-ups on the wall in the bathroom and do some bending while cooking.


 5) Practice cardiovascular activity 2 to 3 times a week


These sessions burn calories. Do not forget to drink well during your sessions.


 6) Walk fasting every morning for 30 minutes


This gentle activity will renew the oxygen but especially to tap into the fat reserves. If you can not walk on an empty stomach every morning for lack of time, go out at another time of day, if possible before a meal. You can replace the walk with a little bike, as long as the activity is gentle.



Motivational tips


7) Do you offer a bracelet, a necklace or even a ribbon


Knotted around your wrist, your jewel will remind you of your goals thinness All day long. If you are a little dizzy, opt for a model making noise: a little bell, a bell, several metal bracelets tinting? Noise will allow you to think about it and get you back on track.


8) Flip your seatbelt


Write on the back of your belt: "I want to reach that notch? with a small arrow pointing to the notch in question. What a pleasure to wear your belt knowing that soon you will reach this notch meaning as well as your size is getting thinner. Repeat with the next step until you reach the ideal weight.




Stress management tips


9) Do yoga


Stress, tiredness, anguish ... are all situations where we need a helping hand to face our day serenely. Beyond doing sport to empty your head, which is not always possible in certain situations, targeted breathing exercises can help us to clear the air. So practice breathing yoga to move serenely in my day, and do not let go snacking for example.


10) Have fun!


One would think that to have a body dream, you must deprive yourself of everything and starve yourself. Well, no, it's scientifically proven. When you feel guilty when eating, you store more calories than normal.In the same way, when we forbid the food that we like, we deprive ourselves to crack and make a raid on the box of ice cream. We are therefore pleased from time to time by eating for example a small chocolate at the end of the meal. It's not a chocolate that will tip the scales in the wrong direction. Thus, our desire is satisfied and more risk of cracking.



Thanks to Valérie Orsoni and her team



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