May 29, 2023

The 10 tips to send your man to a beauty salon

His best friend did it
In men, what works well is the group effect. So know that his friend Simon, macho par excellence, has taken the plunge in the nose and in addition, he took a subscription on the year, he can only be tempted by the beauty salon. Do not forget to point out to him that his friend has lost nothing of his manhood.
Men are women like any other
He considers that the beauty institute is a girl thing? Wait for it at the turn and wedge it on the ground of the man-woman tie. Men and women are part of the same world. In addition, nowadays, beauty combines both feminine and masculine.
The formula of happiness
A large number of beauty centers offer duo packages. Take out these formulas that allow an enchanting getaway to the land of beauty for two to share moments of well-being and relaxation.
Refuse to play beauticians
Your lover is perfect as he is, great good him. But last week was not it that he asked you to remove the ugly black spot that bothered him in the back? Tell him that you are not his private beautician, that there are competent people whose job it is that ask only one thing: take care of his little pimples.
Enjoy it with the pretty masseuses
What man does not dream to be taken in hand by charming masseuses? Faced with this argument, your man can not stay ice.
It exists, so much to enjoy!
Beauty products reserved for men and women coexist without complex beauty care for women. Even topo for beauty salons that are full of care reserved for our friends men. It would be a shame not to enjoy!

Take out the numbers

Nearly 2 out of 3 men admit to having shaved at least once a part of the body, for comfort or aesthetics. The myth of manly and hairy men is gone. Go hunting with him by mentioning that in a hair removal center, in 2 strokes, the moumoutte he has on his back will be gone.
Feel free to play on words
Looking more closely, beauty centers are a bit like gyms, weight machines and the smell of sweat less. Tell him that the principle remains the same: take care of his body but providing much less effort!
 Push him to cultivate his beauty
Remind your loved one that taking care of your body is a good way to prevent the effects of time. Not only do beauty treatments provide immediate well-being, but they also help to anticipate and maintain one's youthfulness as long as possible.
Give him a gift
And if you offered him a good gift for an institute care? For Valentine's Day, Christmas, for his birthday or just for fun, you will inevitably find an opportunity to make him this little gift! Desiring not to offend you, he will be obliged to accept your present and honor it as it should.

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