October 4, 2023

The 3 tips for beautiful hair this summer by Gregory Kaoua

Rule # 1? The oil is a fake friend in hair protection during the summer

For Gregory Kaoua, we must ban all forms of oils, which even if they contain UV protection, tend with solar reflection, to shine the hair and eventually burn it.
According to him, we must change his bad habits and focus more on jellies or milks that act in depth and have a protective and comforting action immediately and in the long term. He also strongly recommends Kérastase's Milk Richesse which, according to him, nourishes, sheaths and overflows the hair.

Rule # 2? Give your hair a holiday

Leave your hair loose or knot them in big braids to avoid marking them, weakening them and thus breaking them. For those who can not deviate from this rule, limit the damage by avoiding at all costs a rubber band that tightens too much hair and play on the height of the ponytail. By alternating its positioning, the sun will lighten the whole of the hair in a homogeneous way and you will avoid the zebra hair and the disparate discoloration.

Rule # 3? Adopt the Lucie Saint wavy look?

After the beach, make a good shampoo and systematically apply a mask to treat the hair in depth that you will rinse only partially so that the product continues to act in the evening. With this protective layer all around the hair, you can then adorn it without fear of reprisals.
To recreate the Lucie Saint Clair look, a supple hair ripple, with just what it takes in terms of volume, without cardboard effect, and especially to make pale Gisele Bundchen, Gregory Kaoua, we propose the solution at low cost and to great effect! Fill a spray of seawater and apply a small touch on the entire hair remedy that will play the role of a magic top coat over the mask.
Insulated by the mask and wrapped in a beach material, your hair will fully appreciate the holidays and you too. Finally, do not hesitate to be feminine to the end of the hair, to accessorize your mane with headbands, headband, barrettes because summer, we know, all the pleasures are allowed!

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