October 5, 2022

The 5 best vegetables and fat-burning cereals

The green bean
The green bean is one of the few vegetables with a very good amount of protein, allowing to be stalled very quickly. It also contains pectins that trap fat and delay the absorption of sugars.

The courgette
Reassuring and very low in calories, zucchini can be consumed at will since it contains only 15 calories per 100g. For an effect thinness maximum, prefer it young and fine, its fibers will thus capture fat while stimulating your transit smoothly.

Thanks to its anti-retention properties and its booster effect, asparagus is the ideal vegetable to be on top! The fibers it contains give it diuretic properties, while its many minerals can fight fatigue easily. We tested Priméale asparagus, certified and certified, they certainly delighted our taste buds.

Excellent for the line, shape and beauty, spinach is a vegetable of choice diet. Poor in calorie and very satiating, it is a mine of fibers, minerals and vitamins! In addition, it contains an antioxidant that can influence the body's rate of blood sugar burn, making it a great 'burn-sugar'. Only disadvantage: warmed it can become toxic, so avoid leftovers.

This small seed has two major assets. It is very digestible because devoid of gluten, and it promotes the destocking of localized fat thanks to its content in lecithin, a substance known to have anti cholesterol and anti kilos.

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