April 10, 2021

The 5 must-haves of a perfect Thanksgiving meal

The Thanksgiving turkey
Attention, the turkey Thanksgiving is not a turkey like the others: it is stuffed (it is the famous "stuffing") and it is accompanied by a mash potatoes traditional, cranberry sauce and grilled corn on the cob.

The cranberry sauce
"Cranberry" means lingonberries. The sauce is prepared with cranberries, oranges and powdered sugar.

"Mashed potatoes" ... you may have heard that name already. it's about the mash potatoes crushed potatoes served at Thanksgiving. Some cook a variant based on sweet potato and pumpkin, flagship foods of the season.

The joke
Then, it's up to you to play: minced meat (pork for example), eggs, milk, parsley, onions, herbs, croutons of bread, berries, nuts, gravy, grain corn, herbs. ..

The dessert: pumpkin pie!
The famous pie pumpkin is preparing with a basic background of pie, pumpkin, milk, spices and a mixture of eggs and sugar. A little whipped cream and you're satisfied for a few days ... Another possible dessert is to cook candied yams.

Preston Cooks: 5 Thanksgiving Dinner Must Haves (April 2021)