December 1, 2021

The 7 fake friends food of the summer to avoid

Products labeled 0% fat, zero cokes and other aspartame-based foods are not as good for the line as you think. In times of diet, we tend to rush on these products but beware of false friends.

Lightened yogurts
A yogurt remains a dairy product, so rich in butter. You should know that when there is less fat, there is usually more sugar. That's what will give the taste! Manufacturers will add starch or additives to give texture to yoghurt.

Sodas, too much aspartame
This kind of drink contains aspartame: the brain will secrete insulin, which will decrease the level of glucose in the blood. And boom, it will cause a desire for sugar and promote the storage of fat. In addition, soft drinks are not even refreshing. Better to take a normal soda from time to time rather than liters of light soda.

The products "light"
The phrase "light" rings in our heads as "low in calories". We say we have margin and we willingly accept a piece of extra cake. Light chips? No, they are simply less fat than others. It's always a disaster for the hips.

Let's talk about the lightened vinaigrette which consists mainly of corn syrup concentrated in fructose and is therefore more harmful to health than a homemade vinaigrette (even vegetable oil based).
Read the labels carefully and check the number of calories or carbohydrates / fats.

Sugar in fruits and vegetables
Cherries bring far too much sugar to be consumed as regularly as apples. The coconut is also a slimming friend. It contains 370 calories per 100 grams. Opt for the cool version.

The fast-food salad
At Mc Do, we want to take the salad to have good conscience. But this salad is full of croutons, creamy sauce and parmesan cheese. It's better to have a burger and replace the fries with a small salad simple.

Olive oil: in moderation
The nutrients it contains make olive oil an ideal oil for health. But it's still oil with 900 calories per 100 grams. His good reputation pushes us to increase quantities. Alternate fat.

Ice cream vs sorbets
The ice creams are made of fresh cream, milk and sugar while the sherbets are prepared from fruits, sugar and water. Either zero fat! Forget them ice from the supermarket and make your ice House. You can lighten the doses to your liking.

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