May 13, 2021

The 7 unsuspected virtues of the apple

Anti wrinkle
Thanks to its high concentration of antioxidants, the Apple delays the appearance of the first nasty wrinkles. Apply morning and evening a face care made of Apple on your skin to smooth it.
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Hungry cup
Rich in fiber and pectin, the Apple gives a feeling of satiety by creating a "natural gastric balloon" that gives the impression that one's stomach is full. To curb cravings, nothing like a good Apple.

Slimming help
The Apple limits the absorption of sugars and fats contained in the diet. It helps reduce the impact of excess food on your hips and accelerates weight loss during dieting.
If you're tired of eating applesyou can also switch to dietary supplements to vary.
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Sip of vitamin C, the Apple gives a lot of energy and increases the immune defenses. Eat during the cold weather to increase the barriers of your body against microbes or, after a flu, to recover faster.

According to some studies, eat at least 2 apples per week would have a real impact in people withasthma. This consumption would really space the crises ofasthma thanks to polyphenols and flavonoids that would have an anti-inflammatory effect on the respiratory tract.

Pectin does not only have a hunger suppressing effect but it acts as a filter on the cholesterol and accelerates its evacuation. It does not stagnate in the blood which reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks.

Several scientific studies have shown that regular consumption of apples decreases the risk of Cancer lung and colon. The polyphenols present in the Apple would have a strong antioxidant power that would reduce the proliferation of cancer cells.


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