June 9, 2023

The 8 best fat burning foods

The lemon
This fruit is a fat burner because it has the ability to trap some of the fat without it going into the blood. Consume lemon when we wake up, at this time of the day, as we are still fasting, the lemon will act directly on the liver. You can dilute a juice of lemon in a large glass of warm water for better absorption. Then in the day, do not hesitate to season with a few drops of lemon your salads, your fish or your meats.

Famous for the satiety effect of its pectin, the Apple is also an excellent sensor of sugars and fats thanks to its concentration in polyphenols. It inhibits part of the fat-making mechanism of the body and thus reduces your roundness.
Based on this principle, a laboratory has even launched a line of dietary supplements based on apples and a new concept thinness : the pomotherapy!
-Pomeol Medical Acti ball, fat sensor. Clémascience Laboratories. 90 capsules for a cure of 15 days. 34.90? Exclusive Parashop.

The maté
Native to Central America, the yerba maté plant has always been used by Latin American Indians as an infusion. It is rich in natural assets capable of activating fat burning.
Another advantage of the maté: its energizing effect very appreciable in period of diet! You can find it in infusion but also in food supplements, in the form of ampoules
-Concentrated Maté. Juvamine Laboratories. 20 ampoules of 5ml. 9.29?

Guarana has an immediate action on reducing fat. Its caffeine content acts as a real stimulant to dislodge stubborn fats.
-Aqualigne fat-burning + flat stomach, guarana. 2 sachets a day, in a 10-day starter cure. 6.61?

Green tea
Its theine content increases energy expenditure and helps burn fat stores. Some of the green tea components, catechins, also have a real effect on the distribution of fat in the body.
To note: it is an exciting like caffeine and it helps to keep fit during a diet.
-XLS, my summer silhouette, with green tea leaves. Box of 30 tablets. 16.20?

This natural fiber is a strong lipid absorbent. It treats overweight and reduces cholesterol from your meals.
-Blocker Strong. Biocyte Laboratories. Box of 60 capsules. 30 ?.

The nopal
Nopal is a plant native to Mexico that helps support thinning by burning more fat and helps to lose weight. weight. It is consumed in the form of capsules.
-Mincifine, capture of fats-Fleurance. Box of 28 tablets. 13.90?

Present in cereals, broccoli, mushrooms and egg yolks, chromium is a trace element that limits the transformation of lipids into fat cells. For faster action, there are bulbs based on chromium.
-Concentrated Chrome. Juvamine Laboratories. 20 ampoules of 5ml. 9.29?

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