June 23, 2024

The air of nurseries of our children would be polluted

The cribs will have to stand in check. The Association Santé Environnement France (ASEF) published on March 26 the results of a study on the indoor air of a dozen volunteer crèches in France. This survey was launched in Aix en Provence at the beginning of February. And the results are uneven.

Three pollutants analyzed

The 10 pilot nurseries located in Paris, Lyon, Marseilles, Lille, Toulouse, Nice and Aix en Provence were equipped for one week with small sensors capable of recording the presence of three carcinogenic substances: benzene, a solvent, phthalates, used to soften the plastic, and formaldehyde, present especially in glues used for chipboard furniture. These three molecules are classified by the Internal Air Observatory as "highly worrying". In 75% of cases, the results exceed the reference rates. Which is equivalent for children to a chronic intoxication, slow and especially so far silent.

According to information from 20 Minutes, the 1-2-3 Soleil crib in Villeneuve-d'Ascq, which was voluntary for the study, contains a carcinogenic substance. For benzene and phthalates, the results are excellent because the paints are lime, but the formaldehyde content is above the normal tolerated, which presents a danger for children. This substance, which emerges from the synthetic glues of the chipboard and carpets, displays three times the admitted value. The problem would be "synthetic panels hidden in the basement, which drop formaldehyde when there is moisture," according to the manager of the company that designed the building. The solution is simple: just change the type of ventilation of the nursery.

Better information

The Environmental Health Association now requires better labeling of furniture and glues. Thus nursery directors will be able to avoid these toxic substances with full knowledge of the facts. And parents will be reassured by leaving their toddlers in the morning in these places of welcome so precious.
According to Patrice Halimi, Secretary General of ASEF, "This study is not intended to replace the role of the state but to alert him to the growing interest of the French in the link between their health and their environment. "

"At a time when in China, a baby is born with a malformation every 30 seconds mainly due to pollution, it is our role as a doctor to inform and especially to propose solutions," said Pierre Souvet, President of the ASEF.

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