September 25, 2021

The anti-stain tips of a specialist

How do they arrive?
In aging with age or in advance because of the harmful effects of the sun for example, the cells producing melanin, the pigment that gives the skin its tan degenerates and their activity becomes irregular.
They produce too much or too much in one place, creating masses of melanin on the surface of the skin: these are the spots. The abuse of sun can also damage these cells and triggers their degeneration creating these spots called lentigos.
Their contours are sometimes blurry and the spots can therefore multiply but also extend.

How to avoid them?
Escape the sun and UV! Choose a day care with protection index (SPF), and on vacation, protect yourself with a minimum index 30, all over the body without forgetting the hands, first place touched and which betrays our age, since perpetually exposed.
To slow down their development, start by limiting sun exposure and using cosmetic treatments that reduce the production of melanin through lightening active ingredients to blur the outline of tasks, reduce their size and reduce their color by unifying the whole of dyed in passing.
There are specific anti-stain treatments that sometimes apply to tasks only and "lightening" treatments which also act on the downward balance of melanin production thus making dyed lighter: they can be used in prevention. They act on the production of melanin but also on the exfoliation of the skin.

Can we totally eliminate them?
Yes, thanks to aesthetic medicine, they are removed by laser, liquid nitrogen or trichloroacetic acid. (count 80? per session and 2 sessions minimum.) Attention! Only aesthetic doctors are authorized to practice these acts. (list of practitioners on //
Against the tasks called inflammation (following a scar for example) is recommended rather a chemical action as the peel.
What to expect anti stain care? The explanations of Renan BESSE, doctor in pharmacy for SVR laboratories.
1 ° Do topical care have an interest?
Yes especially the dermo-cosmetics presented in medical examination which benefit from the medical guarantee of the dermatologist, contrary to the cosmetics. Any treatment, if indicated by a dermatologist, will include a depigmenting care.
2 ° Do they really work?
The effectiveness is real but differs depending on the skin, the depth and the age of the tasks. It mainly depends on sun exposure, the main factor in treatment failure, forgotten by those who say that care does not work. Without protecting themselves from the sun, patients themselves cancel the effectiveness of care!
3. How exactly do they act?
By stopping the production of melanin by blocking tyrosinase, the enzyme that controls its manufacture, by associating a UV filter. This is the formula of a "good" dermatological care.
-Clairial C10: 8% of a patented depigmenting active agent acting on tyrosinase, and 10% of stabilized vitamin C to visibly reduce the tasks. To be associated with the day version SPF 50+ with very strong solar filter, a unique association. SVR, 30?
-Mela-D: kojic acid, a tyrosinase inhibitor, a UV protection that limits the creation of melanin and a patented complex that distributes melanin. Laroche Posay, 22.50?
-Pertigmentant anti-stain program: a gasoline with 5% glycolic acid and 5% lactic acid to eliminate pigment clusters, and a serum with vitamin C and micro alga reducing brown pigments. Lierac, 45?
-Melanex Trio: AHA esters that eliminate pigment cells, a trio of active ingredients that curb the overproduction of melanin and vitamins E and C against aging. Noviderm, 26?

--Roll on Trio-E: precise application with anti-tyrosinase active ingredient, lightening linoleic acid and a complex preventing the synthesis of melanin. Noreva LED Laboratories, 19.85?
- GlamTox serum: a new formula that addresses hyperpigmentation and sun damage, 62 and its night version Rodial Glam Tox Night, a night treatment that blurs hyperpigmentation, reduces pores: an alternative to laser surgery, 95 euros the 30 ml
-Wiseido White Lucency Lightening Neck and Neck Cleansing: a special care for this area often exposed to UV rays and victim of brown spots, exfoliates it on the surface to harmonize it and anti-stain concentrate, a lightening treatment that effectively targets the tasks brunettes for a dyed perfectly unified. 57? and 97?
- Even Better Clinical Anti-Blemish Concentrate: A formula that helps to visibly erase the appearance of brown spots and skin blemishes. It helps to maintain a unified and luminous skin thanks to powerful antioxidants and a gentle exfoliation that allows regular use, 59?
- White Objective Bioderma active cream: Vitamin C, released gradually for long-lasting effectiveness, reduces the number of melanin pigments contained in the epidermis. With UVA-UVB filters, 21?
- Serum active lightening agent Hormeta: the Lactokine and encapsulated Provitamin C combination gives it a lightening effect by inhibiting the activity of tirosynase, an enzyme involved in the production of melanin, responsible for pigmentation, 39?
- Cream Melascreen lightening luster SPF15 with vitamin C, Ducray, 23,30?
Bio stain care:

-Lightening serum softness of night of Condensé Paris: with daisy extract that naturally and uniformly brighten dyed and lupine flower, this lightening treatment treats your skin and significantly reduces pigment imperfections, 48?

-Crème Regenerating Anti Argan Lift Stains: enriched with organic argan oil with anti-wrinkle properties, this treatment hydrates throughout the day and fights skin aging. The most important spots are attenuated and its application prevents their appearance, 26,60 euros the bottle of 50 ml
-Special care brown spots Fleurance nature: the unifying power of a lightening plant complex made from 7 plants from the Swiss Alps: mauve, peppermint, primrose, lady's mantle, veronica, lemon balm and yarrow. These plants, from Organic Farming, act synergistically to reduce the synthesis of melanin and fade age spots or hyperpigmentation, 14,90?

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