August 14, 2022

The art of accommodating the remains

Your best friend to accommodate the remains of meat and fish will be your mixer. Your allies will be egg yolk and breadcrumbs. You understood ? Tonight it will be dumplings party. We chop the meat where the fishthey can be mixed with fresh coriander, dill, or a little pepper and salt. A ball is formed and soaked in the egg and breadcrumbs before frying. We serve our pretty meatballs with a salad, pasta or even as an accompaniment to a puree of vegetables. Give your salmon a second chance in a delicious quiche or bread fish to serve as input. With your leftover beef, make a revisited Parmentier or a pie at the meat.
What to do with my rest of pasta ! Look a little what you have in your fridge and improvise a salad of cold paste. A little pan in the pan with pieces of ham, peas and the rest of shrimp aperitif and your rice Cantonese is ready.

I gratine, I crumble
Otherwise, nothing better than gratin. We mix pasta, the rice with the rest of cheese, meat, vegetables, a little bit of mascarpone, tomato sauce or cream and baked in the oven. It makes everyone agree. With your vegetables, get started in the preparation of quiches, flans and salty crumbles. It's simple, fast and delicious. What could be better ?
For fruits, if they threaten to lose, turn them into applesauce or crumble. Otherwise, you can roast them by searing with butter and a little sugar.

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