November 28, 2022

The art of succeeding your striptease

For a striptease successful, prefer a subdued atmosphere. Put some curtains in the room to create a red and cozy atmosphere. Light some candles or incense sticks to captivate your man with their sweet scent. Install a chair and invite your darling to sit down. The show will begin soon ...

Clothes to choose with care
Before stripping, carefully choose the clothes you will wear, then remove. Privilege practical models! We forget about the tights. And we opt for stockings, much more sexy. Besides, Chouchou will surely be delighted to remove them with his teeth.
Invest in alluring lingerie and wear a miniskirt to get a glimpse of your plump buttocks. Wear a white shirt on a black or red bra. And open the buttons one by one to raise the temperature. Otherwise, know that the tight dress always makes its small effect.

2 in 1 accessories
The accessories save time and therefore make the moment last. Use and abuse necklaces, hats and other glasses.

Untie your scarf and titillate the torso of your man with this silk stole or handcuff his hands. As for your shoes, they will be very useful for caressing your partner's crotch.

It: Get help to strip yourself
Then, undress little by little. "Yes but not too fast" as say the song of Juliette Greco. If you are not comfortable with exercise, do not hesitate to ask your lover for help. He will be delighted!

It's not going fast enough for you? Take out your smartphone, download the application "whip sound" and make yourself respected!

Finally, let the charm operate and play with your body. Before ending your antics in the bedroom or directly on the chair.

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